Bulgarian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Art. Prof. Nikolay Petrov, Ph.D.

Prof. Atanas Georgiev Temelkov, Ph.D.

Prof. Stoyan Milanov, PhD

Prof. Vilian Platikanov, Ph.D.

Prof. Hristo Bozov, PhD


Sofia 1606, Bul. Georgi Sofiyski 3 MMA – Department of Anesthesiology,
Resuscitation and Intensive Care
Tel: +35929225788 +35929225788
Fax: +35929226053
e-mail: ccbulg@abv.bg

The Scientific Society of Anaesthesiology was established in the autumn of 1957 at the initiative of Prof. Anton Chervenakov. The founders are: A. Djordan, S. Saev, D. Madjarov, S. Kirov, E. Yordanov (ISUL – Sofia), At. Atanasov, P. Abadjiev, Y. Yordanov, N. Fichev (ВМИ – Sofia), Ст. Filipov (OAB), E. Stoyanov (Ministry of Interior), B. Vodenicharov (MMI – Plovdiv).

Prof. A. Chervenakov, from the beginning of 1956, starts the preparation of anesthesiologists for the health network in the country and the establishment of anesthesiology as an independent clinical specialty in our country. In 1958 a regulation was adopted for the specialization of the senior medical staff, which also approved anesthesiology as a clinical specialty.

Decisive for the further development of the Society of Anesthesiologists is 1960, when it ceases to be a section to the Surgeons’ Society and becomes a separate society  to the Union of Scientists. When the Union of Scientific Medical Societies was later established, the Scientific Society of Anesthesiologists entered it in 1970 as a Scientific Medical Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation.

The scientific association of anesthesiologists in Bulgaria has joined the World Federation of Anesthesiological Societies since 1962.

In June 1965, the 1st National Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Conference was held on the following topics: “Breathing Problems During Anesthesia” and “Emergency Anesthesia and Resuscitation”. Within the framework of the conference is held a report-election meeting and a statute of the society was adopted.

Since 1994 the society  publishes the journal Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, edited by Prof. Smilov.


Art. Prof. Nikolay Petrov, Ph.D.

Deputy Chairpersons:  

Prof. Atanas Georgiev Temelkov, Ph.D.

Prof. Vilian Platikanov, Ph.D.

Board of Directors:

Art. Prof. Nikolay Petrov, PhD
Prof. Silvi Georgiev, PhD
Prof. Atanas Temelkov, Ph.D.
Prof. Chavdar Stefanov, PhD
Prof. Hristo Bozov, PhD
Prof. Vilian Platikanov, PhD
Prof. Georgi Tsaryanski, PhD
Prof. Stoyan Milanov, PhD
Prof. Plamen Kenarov, PhD
Prof. Evelina Odysseva, PhD
Prof. Valentin Vlasakov, PhD
Dr. Lyubomir Bakalivanov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Maria Atanasova, PhD

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