Association of Medical Practitioners Anesthesiologists-reanimatologists (UDMAR)

Association founded in March 2010 continues the work of the association that exists since 1997. At that time, the founding assembly of the Association of Citizens Association of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists in the FBiH was held in Sarajevo. The first president of the Association was prof. dr. Amira Durić. In November 2007, new leadership was elected: doc. dr. Mirsada Prašo President, cf. dr. Mirsad Babović vice president, dr. Amir Slipičević member. By changing certain provisions of the Law on Associations, and in the absence of time due to a certain date of the Second Congress, a new management is registered by the association under the aforementioned name. Then there were necessary changes in the manner of management and organization of the Association (new Statute) in accordance with the new provisions of the law. All members of the previous association, who confirmed in writing that they agreed to the changes made in the organization of the Association, or to accept the new Statute of the Association. automatically became members of UDMAR.  The association is headed by U.O. and Assembly, and N.O. In December 2016 at the VII regular assembly, amendments to the Statute are adopted regarding the number and manner of election of members of the Assembly. Instead of U.O. the managing body of the Association is the Executive Committee, and a new management has been elected. The president of the Association was elected doc. dr. sc. Jasmina Smajić, who is also the president of the IO.

President: Doc. dr. sc. Jasmina Smajić
Vice President: Prim. dr. Aida Tahmištija
Members I.O .: Doc. dr. sc. Merlin Kalajdžija-Cero
Prim. dr. Enes Bećirović
Prim. dr. Mirsad Babovic
Treasurer: Zinaida Slipičević

July 2019
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